Julaiza makes the step

Julaiza before we started

Julaiza before we started

Julaiza for the blog whilst surfing the net. A teacher, she hails from Kuala Selangor where she teaches commerce. As usual I spend a few minutes talking to my new patients, to get to know them, find out what they were concerned with about their smile and discuss their options.

Getting to know Julaiza was such fun! We became instant friends.

I told Julaiza that her makeover was a little complicated and challenging as she had what we call a cross-bite. I could do it but she would have to come back in for the second stage as the whole makeover had to be done in two visits.

You see, I was mindful that she had a busy schedule as she was a teacher (I do so like teachers … I think they are unsung heroes and heroines of our Nation), and mindful that she was coming from Kuala Selangor!

Julaiza was game for the makeover, which so touched me, as I knew she just had put her faith in me purely by what she read in this blog and the photos she saw of other makeovers I had done previously.

I am determined to do my very best and deliver to Julaiza the smile she always dreamt she wanted.

We chatted and laughed as we did the makeover … I spent an extraordinary time creating her temporaries as I wanted her to have an idea of the finished result. The time flew by as we had such fun!

At last I had cemented the temporary bridge and Julaiza was ready for the magic mirror. I told her as I passed her the mirror that it was a temporary bridge … it’s not the final one that would be so much, much nicer .

She took the mirror and breathed in a deep breath before looking at her reflection.

Julaiza now, before the final stage in two weeks
Julaiza now, before the final stage in two weeks

She gasped with delight and broke into tears as we hugged… Julaiza thanked me whilst I kept saying that it was only a temporary bridge and the final one was going to be so much nicer.

I have no words to explain or describe these moments when I hand the mirror to my patients.

It is an emotional moment that I am so, so lucky I can give to people … the moment when they see their dream smile at last.

Thank you God for giving me this vocation. I am so blessed.

I can hardly wait for the permanent bridge to arrive. Keep tuned and I’ll post the photos when we finish… that’s a promise.

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