Mrs Tan gets a surprise

Mrs Tan is an old friend. She runs a busy stationery and printing company with her husband and has been a patient of mine since 1990s! As a typical doting mother, Mrs Tan has made sure her two boys and daughter come for regular check-ups and clean ups many years … in fact her daughter is now studying Dentistry after seeing that this career is actually fun …. I have already offered her a job when she comes finishes. 😉

Mrs Tan had a very protruding tooth indeed

Mrs Tan had a very protruding tooth indeed

Anyway, last Saturday Mrs Tan came in for her regular check up and I asked her if she’d let me do her makeover for the New Year. She looked at me with one eyebrow raised and surprising even herself .. she said yes!

You see Mrs Tan had never ever thought anything could be done for her smile, other than braces … and she felt she just didn’t have the time for the many visits necessary for braces, she just was too busy.

Secondly, it never occurred to her that I could do something for herself personally … she had always been thinking of taking care of her kids! Doing something for her personally had just not occurred to her!

What a wonderful, caring mother Mrs Tan is … she never ever thought of doing something for herself until I asked her to.

Anyway, I was so, so excited and happy I could, at last correct her smile!

Now this looks better!
Now this looks better!

In less than half an hour I passed her the mirror and Mrs. Tan was absolutely delighted (and shocked!) at her transformation!

She looked just great!

I am so happy that I could do this for my friend. She always puts everyone else first, her children, her husband, the company, her mother-in-law … this time she had mde some time for herself.

Well done Mrs Tan … you deserve a smile you can be proud of!

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