Sarah’s new smile for college.

The gap before I waved my wand

Sarah is the daughter of my best friend from University, Rema Ragavan. Sarah is a sweet 17 and waiting for her SPM results.

She came in with Rema, and though Rema was the one with the big ‘problem’ tooth, Sarah jumped into the dental chair to do something for the gap in the front of her smile first … I think she inherited it from Rema’s Mum, the gap I mean!

Rema reassured her ‘that Aunty Fay can do wonders’ … which made me smile … Rema and I go back a long, long way and it is always a treat to catch up with my good friend.

We laughed and joked about our University days and how Life turned out.

Rema is now a teacher and co-author of the Science text books my kids use in Secondary school … who would have predicted that! I mean we were up to so much ‘no good’ when we were in University, it’s amazing we became respectable citizens!

It was so much fun waving my magic wand for Sarah. Watching her smile light up her eyes when she looked in the mirror for the first time was a magic moment indeed.

See Ma ... no gap!!
See Ma ... no gap!!

Sarah, you have a lovely mother … and Rema, Sarah is as gorgeous as you are!

I love you both. 😉

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