Arif, the College Student

Arif before
Arif before

Arif is actually my son Shanaz’s best friend. He usually can be found hanging out in my house on weekends, playing Dota on one of the PCs, or football on PS3 or twanging a ‘guitar’ on Rock Band.

I have been wanting to do something for Arif for a long time, but as most of Shanaz’s friends they are shy and are reluctant to ‘trouble’ me.

The other day, Shanaz told me that Arif had visited the clinic blog and wondered whether he could have a makeover done too! I told him I’d be happy to do one for him but he’d have to get his parent’s OK first.

He is almost 20, I know, and well over the age of consent (18) but … I’d rather his parents know I was going to change their son’s smile.

The following week, the shy and extremely tall Arif came in for his makeover with Shanaz.

Arif after
Arif after

We talked and I told him what I could do and what I couldn’t. I did a mock so he could actually get an idea of what it would finally look like … and then we started!

Arif loved it! and so did my biggest critique … Shanaz.

What do you think?

I haven’t done his lower teeth yet … That’s stage two! 😉

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