Juliana brings her kids

Balloons, stickers and colouring sheets keep these misses happy
Balloons, stickers and colouring sheets keep these misses happy

Juliana was on her way back from a wedding so the kids came in too. Such a lovely pair of girls she had, all decked out in their finery for the ‘kenduri kahwin’. They sat patiently waiting whilst their mum had her makeover.

We did their check-ups and clean-ups first and then they got their ‘balloons’ (yes … you’re right! The balloons are air filled rubber gloves!) and their stickers. They were happy as they could walk in and sit with their mum, or walk to the Children’s Area to watch the gold fish and do some colouring or puzzles …

So knowing that her kids were happy, Juliana could settle down for her makeover.

Juliana's smile before
Juliana's smile before

Juliana had a lovely smile but wanted to sort out a slightly crooked front tooth and a canine that stuck out. It was easy peasy!!

We chatted about the school holidays and about the numerous weddings that were happening everywhere. The girls kept running in to check on mum and to show off their lovely costumes.

Juliana's new smile
Juliana's new smile

In no time Juliana’s new smile was ready for the Magic Mirror!

Her kids came in and squealed in delight and approval. Julaina and her kids loved the new smile!

What a lovely family indeed!

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