Nadia finally gets her new smile

Nadia's smile before the makeover
Nadia's smile before the makeover

Nadia heard about us when she was still studying in Australia. She searched and found the blog through Anne Marie, a patient of mine that I did ages ago.

Anne Marie is the sister of a friend, so Nadia didn’t know Anne Marie personally, but she said she got excited when she saw the makeover that Anne Marie posted on her blog (see and waited until she returned to Malaysia to make her appointment to see us.

I am always amazed at the power of the internet … I am humbled by the comments my patients place on our services and how they inspire others to take the step to contact us for their own makeovers. Nadia does not know Anne Marie but Anne Marie’s comments gave Nadia the courage to make the appointment!

The rest is history!

Nadia's beautiful smile
Nadia's beautiful smile

Now Nadia has a smile she loves … and just in time too, because Nadia told me as we were finishing up, that she was about to get married in May!

The soft spoken Nadia said she couldn’t wait to show her fiancee her new smile when he gets back from Australia this week.

Thank you Nadia, thank you Anne Marie, thank you for trusting me!

I have a great job!

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14 years ago

Hi Dr. Fauziah! Anne marie is actually my fiance’s friend. haha. 🙂 not the sister of a friend. Anyway, I am really happy with my new smile right now. Can’t stop looking at the mirror. Was so happy to get rid of the prominent fangs that i had before! hehe Really loved the fact that it was quick and painless too. I don’t even have to spend a bomb on getting braces and have to wait for a few years to get this. 😀 Thank god I found your blog. Oh, about my wisdom tooth, i don’t require any sort… Read more »