Lily gets a surprise

Lily before the magic wand was waved
Lily before the magic wand was waved

Lily came in with her husband for a quick clean up and a makeover. She had come in earlier but I hadn’t the time to do the makeover so we rescheduled for her next visit.

As she sat down she told me she was extremely nervous! I told her she needn’t worry as her makeover was fairly simple and she’d be smiling with her new smile in about an hour.

She asked me whether it would be painful … I told her that it wasn’t but if she wanted pain, well I could comply but it would mean I have to charge her extra! This got her smiling and she began to relax. ;)We chatted as I worked and she said she had had a sleepless night … she was so excited!

After the preliminary ‘before’ photos, I said that I’d try my best to correct the mid-line shift for Lily but it didn’t really matter as most people don’t notice a slight shift …. even Tom Cruise has a mid-line shift in his top teeth and yet many, many women think he’s a hunk, right!

Before long Lily was ready for the magic mirror … her makeover was done!

A smiling after photo of Lily's new smile
A smiling after photo of Lily's new smile

She gulped down a nervous giggle before she took her first peek at her new smile, then broke out into a lovely, happy grin!

She loved it!

Yes, it was painless … yes, it took less than an hour and yes, it was permanent!

I love creating smiles for my patients! 😉

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