My Day Off at Cyberview Lodge Sembunyi Spa and a promise

It’s been an absolutely hectic few weeks! I decided not to go diving to Padang, Indonesia, this April after all as there are so many makeovers booked in and my quest for more dentists is in full swing!

I have hardly been able to keep up with the bog posts and comments too. I manage to answer the emails almost daily but the comments on the blog go unanswered for days ….I apologise to you for this and now I am recharged, I promise to update the blog at the minimum of twice a week.

I have SO many makeovers to post! It’s easy to fall behind because sometimes there are two or Sometimes when I look at the posts I wonder if it’s boring… I mean it’s all about smiles all the time … but today when I answered some emails and comments … I realised that the makeovers do inspire so many to do something about their own smile, and more importantly, people feel confident that we DO care and take that oh-so-difficult first step and contact us.

And now about my day off!

The pool at Cyberview Spa
The pool at Cyberview Spa

I had a glorious day at Cyberview Lodge Sembunyi Spa. I walked in very early at 12 noon after a leisurely drive on the ‘new’ MEX highway and settled down with my laptop and book near the pool.

The staff were attentive and offered me change of clothes ( a top and sarong) and my locker key so after a light lunch of salad and a fruit drink I was ready to choose my spa experience from their menu of different massages, scrubs and baths. I chose the Give Me A Break option … yes I did need a break!

At 2 pm I ambled over to the room and the assistant then after laying me face down proceeded to slather warm oil and give me a heavenly Balinese massage for a good hour.  Then came a rose crystal scrub which left me tingling and my skin feeling fine and smooth.

She then ran a hot tub filled with a seaweed bath (it smelt a little fishy but ah well I asked for it!) and when I soaked myself in it for the next 15 minutes it felt just so relaxing. After a quick rinse off with the bath gel supplied, I was ready for the sauna.

I was alone in the hot sauna so I could sit back close my eyes and relax .. I sat there for 10 minutes and felt like every pore was steamed open! Enough! It was now time for the jacuzzi ….. ah what a jacuzzi, it was too, it could easily fit 15 people and I had it all to myself. Me and loads of bubbles.

Half an hour later I showered and got ready to drive back …. what a wonderful day it had been. I got marinated in oil then kneaded like dough then dusted with rose crystals and basted in seaweed bath. After all that I got baked in a sauna and finally bubbled my marinade away in a jacuzzi …. heaven on earth!

I definitely will go there on a regular basis!!

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