A dramatic weekend

Last Friday I drove home only to discover my briefcase was missing from the back of my car. I panicked and felt the empty back seat for a few seconds before vaguely remembering that I had put down my bag on the car park floor before driving off … oh my goodness! I must have left my bag in the car park of Menara EON Bank!!!

I called the security office and they immediately checked the CCTV monitors and sent two guards to check the car park level whilst I rushed back to Menara EON Bank from home. But of course, the bag had disappeared ….

I was devastated! My beloved MacAir containing all my photos and many, many man-hours of data and soft copies of all the manuals that are the backbone of the operations of Klinik Pergigian Fauziah was gone!

I last backed up the data on my external hard drive when I had to send my laptop for repairs …. and that was in May last year! I was in shocked disbelief that all my work was gone.

I told myself that whoever found the bag would return it to me on Monday … after all they must work in the Menara EON Bank too. I hoped and prayed that my MacAir would come home to mummy.

My brother, Dr Alwi,  who is still stranded in New York City after a conference, told me to just get another Mac at the PC Fair. He told me that ‘there was no hope’. So with some reluctance I did … I got myself a new MacBook Pro on Sunday …. but I still held on to hope that I will be reunited with my beloved!

On Monday, I got a phone call from my nurse immediately after she opened up the clinic … she had found my briefcase with my MacAir in it, sitting prettily next to my table! I was in shock!!! It turned out that the bag I left on the floor was a bag full on soiled hand towels … I had never taken out my MacAir from the clinic after all.

What drama!

The lesson I learnt …. back up my data regularly (!!!!) and carry my MacAir in a satchel instead.

Thank you God for the lesson! I got it! 😉

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