Zuraini gets her dream smile

There are times in my life when I really feel I made a difference to someone … today was one of them. I create smiles every day. It is so fulfilling to be able to make someone happy and it actually is part of my day to day job. Aren’t I lucky to have this opportunity every single day?!

Today was different though … today I was especially happy and fulfilled.

Zuraini before
Zuraini before

Zuraini came in just before lunch time with her husband. She looked so young and pretty that I asked whether he was her boyfriend! They laughed and said though they had been married for 4 years and had a young son, yes, he was still her boyfriend!

I was struck by what a beautiful couple they were.

I told Zuraini that I needed to do her clean up first then I’d start her makeover. She said she had been waiting for this appointment and had been reading this blog almost everyday!

She said “Just do what you need to do doctor, I trust you.”

I was so moved by this…. I promised to make her smile beautiful.

I worked on her as I chatted with her husband. He is a banker and she works for a shipping firm. Zuraini sat quietly and joined in the conversation occasionally during the breaks.

At last, in about an hour,  we were done … I was so excited to show her the magic mirror … she took a deep, deep breath and looked at her reflection for the first time.

The beautiful Zuraini
The beautiful Zuraini

She gasped and said, “Doctor! You gave me back my smile!”

Her eyes began to go red so I said, “Now don’t cry on me now.” and she burst into tears whilst we hugged each other.

It is such an emotional moment when my patients first see their new smile. It is a moment they don’t want to place too much hope in …. in case they get disappointed.

But deliver the beautiful smile for the beautiful Zuraini, I did. And it is a privilege for me to be able to contribute to her.

Thank you God … I love my job! 😉

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