Celebrating my birthday with the launch of Dentist Malaysia

The Team with my surprise cake
The Team with my surprise cake

Yesterday was my birthday. Celebrating my birthday started out on the eve with the Clinic Team that bought me a surprise birthday cake which we cut, with much laughter, during our weekly Staff Meeting.

Once I got home I saw a familiar looking envelope which turned out to be a birthday card sent to me by the Clinic! That was so funny as though we send out birthday cards to patients from the clinic, I never once thought I would receive one myself!! 😉

That night I launched the Facebook Page : Dentist Malaysia! It’s our Facebook Page so patients can actively take part in the Fan Page.

It’s really cool as in Discussions ( I have already started a Discussion on Bleeding Gums and Bad Breath) I intend to start a discussion on Common Problems and Questions like “What happens during Bleaching?” and “Why do I have to have Surgery for a Wisdom tooth?”

So many people ask me questions on this blog and as the answers are in the comments after the questions, I guess it’s hard to find so I end up being asked the same questions again and again! The Discussion board will be great to find answers to the common questions and concerns.

So please, look for the Fan Page Dentist Malaysia and be a Fan (!!) so the Page becomes a lively one…. and of course get your friends to be Fans too!

So now I also have to add more photos!!!

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