Lalitha smiles with glee … see Ma no gap!!

Lalitha walked in yesterday  after finding this blog on the net. She said she had checked out many websites and called several clinics to make an appointment but ours was the only one that answered her call! Wow!!

The gap that appeared between Lalitha front teeth
The gap that appeared between Lalitha front teeth

Lalitha had noticed that her front teeth had begun to drift apart and she was understandably concerned. I would be too, if I were her, I mean who wants to slowly have teeth drift anyway.

I told her that she could relax as it was really quite easy but to make it look really nice I’d probably need to tidy a little more than just her two front teeth.

It really was a breeze, so I took my time and chatted with Lalitha whilst I worked.

At the end, my nurse Sheena passed her the magic mirror with flourish and a tadaah ….. and Lalitha broke into wide smile when she peeked into the mirror. 😉

What do you think? She does have a lovely and totally natural smile, yes!

and Lalitha smiles with glee!
and Lalitha smiles with glee!

Gap? What gap? Lalitha can smile and show off her lovely grin now.

I have the best job in the world! 😉

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