Nadzri flies in from Kuching, Sarawak for a Makeover

Nadzri's smile before
Nadzri's teeth were askew

Nadzri is a pharmacist in Kuching, Sarawak. He surfed the web looking for a dentist to fix his smile and found this site.

As he was joining his friend, Ibrahim, for a short holiday in KL, he included a trip to the clinic to get his dream smile.

Nadzri was my first patient today. Yes, he was nervous and anxiously asked me if I could do something. He wanted his lower teeth to look less uneven and said he didn’t like that his upper teeth were uneven too. His teeth were tilted quite badly.

I told Nadzri that I wasn’t going to move his teeth or take them out! What I could do with Composite veneers was to make them look more even … and no, the whole process was not going to hurt one bit! But if he wanted pain …. ahm, I guess I could give it to him (I joked) but that was extra! He looked startled then realising I was just joking, he laughed and began to relax.

His upper teeth was easy to do and we finished in just a few minutes … It was the lowers that were challenging indeed. One was pretty far forwards and I warned him that they would still look a little uneven because of the uneven gum line but there would be a definite improvement!

Nadzri was thrilled
His new smile looked much better

He was a model patient and in less than an hour he was ready for the mirror and his first glimpse of the ‘new’ Nadzri.

I could see he took a deep breath and then turned the mirror around to see his reflection …. He loved it!

He kept turning his face this way and that, checking to see if they still stuck out, all the while smiling broadly.

“Now I can really smile wide, Doctor!”, he said as Ibrahim laughed, “And it really didn’t hurt at all!”

I laughed too, and told him that no matter how many times people write/post in their comments and thanks, that the makeovers don’t hurt and take only minutes to create, people still don’t believe it could be so fast, painless and simple.

That’s why I totally appreciate how much fear people have when they put their smiles in my hands … and I am humbled by their faith and the trust they place in me.

Nadzri with a BIG smile
Nadzri smiling wide

I told Nadzri to eat whatever he wanted (but of course not stones, metal rods and wood chips) especially in the next few days, as I wanted him to try to break/chip the veneers before he flies back to Kuching. He thought it was so funny that anyone would try to intentionally break their beautiful smile but he understood what I meant.

Nadzri left the clinic with a happy smile on his face and a promise to be a fan on Dentist Malaysia. I told him to check out the Discussion Board.

Thank you Nadzri and Ibrahim. 😉

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