My Father joins the surfing community

My Dad with Macs for Seniors for Dummies

My father, Dr Yunus, finally retired at the age of 77, three years ago in 2007. After a year of getting accustomed to having no real set agenda every day … and boy that was hard, as he had been a dentist for more than 50 years! … so he began to look for other things to do.

He began an exercise regime of brisk walking for 30 minutes a day on his treadmill, Qi Kong and yoga … what an inspiration he is to me! He now is 80 years old, walks straight as an arrow, drives his new Honda and has the mental facilities that is amazingly clear and is always full of laughter and jokes.

Dad had decided two weeks ago that he wanted to learn to surf the net. He wanted to research new places to visit on his travels. His next trip is a cruise that starts in Singapore and goes up to Koh Sa Mui and ends in Phuket.

He wanted to get news from Malaysiakini and upload and edit photos of his many trips. He wanted to read Tun Dr Mahathir’s blog and read Anwar Ibrahim’s blog … he wanted to surf!

I was a little worried when he said he wanted a Mac but I realised that it really didn’t make much of a difference as the learning curve was going to happen whether it was a Mac or a Windows machine anyway.

To make sure he was going to be comfortable with the change (he did use a Windows PC for some time but more like a glorified word processor) I loaned him my MacBook Pro. He immediately insisted on one for himself!

So yesterday, Dad got his newest toy …. a MacBook Pro 13″ 2.66 GHz. And a promise from me to schedule time to tutor him on using his new toy.

To make things easier, I found the perfect gift for my dad …. what do you think? He laughed when I gave it to him saying, “Ah, a double barreled jibe huh!”

That’s my Dad …. who says you can’t teach an old ‘dog’ new tricks! 😉

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