The Clinics’ Celebration Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

We’re back! And what a wonderful trip it was!

Last year in July I told the entire Clinic Team that we would go for a holiday overseas together when we hit the targets we had set for the year. The Team responded and we not only hit the targets we had set but exceeded them!

And so in January, I sat down with my favourite Travel Agent and worked out a 4 day/3 night Celebration Trip to Bandung, Indonesia … I wanted a holiday to remember …. at least 4* accommodation,  all meals at first-class restaurants, a tour guide who would take us to the places of interest in our own van so we could learn the history and loads of time shopping! Added to this Klinik Pergigian Fauziah gave everyone a million Rupiah each to spend on whatever they wanted … the girls were Millionaires!

Checking in at the airport
Checking in at the airport holding their angpow

The Team were so excited … some shared later that they had difficulty believing that the Trip would actually take place! None of the nurses had ever left Malaysia to go on holiday, let alone board a plane … we even closed both clinics for half a day so they could get their passports ready!

On Friday, we assembled at the airport. The team was so, so excited! We were joined by my 3 sons as each had also played a part in the clinic, either as receptionists during their school holidays or as Telemarketers (the ones that call you to invite you to make an appointment if you miss your 6-monthly check up!) .. they are as much part of the Team that made 2009 a success as the girls are.

Dinner at Dapur Ku before the first shops

At last we boarded the plane. The nurses clutched their seats as we lifted off and breathed a collective sigh of relief when the plane started cruising … though I heard a gasp or two when we hit an airpocket mid way which caused the plane to shake!

We were met at the tiny Bandung airport by Anton, our Tour Guide, a forever smiling and laughing local Sundanese, who spoke excellent English. He whisked us away on a quick historical tour through Bandung city and took us for our first Sundanese meal before taking us to the first of many shops, to whet our appetite for the loads of factory outlets he had planned for us to go to on Saturday.

We checked into Aston Braga Hotel admist much laughter when Idayu said she was going to miss her mummy that night. Tomorrow was going to be an exciting day of tours and shopping so everyone was ready for an early night!

Before Anton left, the girls told him what they wanted to look for, Aliessa wanted  especially to scout for wedding cards for her upcoming wedding in November, and everyone else had a shopping list and places they wanted to go to which they had ‘researched’ from the internet and from conversations with patients and friends who had been to Bandung! It was going to be a busy holiday indeed.

The guys     Â
The nurses beaming and ready for the next day of tours and shopping!
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Kado Buat Pacar
Kado Buat Pacar
10 years ago

thanks ,the article very usefull