Back to work with two makeovers today, Nita and Afiqah

The first patient after the Clinic Celebration Trip was a makeover! What a great start!

Nita before we waved the magic wand

Nita was referred to us by her niece who had a makeover in January. As Nita was going to be the MC for her neice’s wedding she wanted a beautiful smile for the special occasion!

When I first saw Nita I wasn’t at all worried about her makeover … making her tilted tooth look in-line again was a cinch but I was concerned about the shade of her teeth. Nita said she had done a bleaching some years ago but it didn’t work! Hmmm, I knew she probably wouldn’t want to do another round, so I had to figure out how I was also going to change the colour whilst realigning her front tooth.

Luckily Nita was quite happy to do composite veneers on her six front teeth … though I really only needed to do 4 to make them look straight … I insisted on doing a mock-up first though to make sure she would be happy with the end colour.

Nita's new smile!

And yes, a short while later when she took her first peep into the mirror for the finished smile, she was happy!

I think we did a good job in transforming Nita’s smile! Not only do they look straight but they’re much less grey-ish too … Nita loved it!

What a great start to the day indeed.

Next was Afiqah who is studying Chemical Engineering in Tennessee, USA.

Afiqah is back for her holidays so her mum booked her in for a makeover. Afiqah is a shy young miss, her mum confided, and seldom smiled in photos as she is very conscious of the rather large gap between her front teeth.

Afiqah before

Now makeovers like these are really simple, though no one believes me when I tell them so!

When her mum told Afiqah about what we could do, Afiqah was reluctant to let me wave my magic wand at first … she didn’t believe I could do it! … fortunately her mum (and dad) coaxed her to come in and see me.

I took the ‘before’ photos whilst I explained that they were really important ( and I always kick myself when I forget to take them!) as she would want to see the difference for herself … it’s amazing how fast we forget what we used to look like.

We have a hard time remembering what we used to look like because the eye/mind just accepts the new smile ….. and that’s because the new smile looks so natural …. really!

Side profile shots before we started the makeover

I took the side profile shots too because of the gaps on both sides of her front teeth needed to be done too.

Afiqah’s tooth colour matching was really easy so I could start immediately whilst I chatted with her and her mum. We talked about studying in the US and how it was such an opportunity for her to explore the country and get to see and meet people of different cultures.

Afiqah's new beautiful smile

Half way during the makeover Afiqah’s father called her to see how she was doing … he was excited too, as I had done a makeover him earlier, and he knew his daughter was in for a surprise!

The whole makeover was over in less than half an hour … and the best part is, that it was totally painless!

I told Afiqah to come in one more time before she left for the US … I wanted to give her one more polish and check she was fine just before the returned to finish her degree.

Both mother and daughter left the clinic beaming !

Doesn't Afiqah look gorgeous?

I love my work … I have the best job in the world!

I get to create beautiful smiles every day!

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