A Surprise for Calvin

Calvin before

Calvin came in today with his dad. He said he had found our blog whilst surfing and just found it hard to believe that the makeovers actually were possible! So after re-visiting the blog a few times, he made the appointment and wanted me to wave that magic wand I said I had for him!

I laughed and pointed to the magic wand … I told him that his makeover was actually quite easy and to prove it was possible BEFORE the actual makeover, I said I would do a mock-up first. That meant he could see what he would look like once I was done … but I warned him that 99% of the people I do a mock for, insist I do the makeover immediately … in short, a mock up was just a preliminary to the inevitable makeover!! 😉

Calvin wanted the gaps closed and his teeth straightened. He had considered braces but waiting two years for straight teeth was a long time … when he found the blog and saw the work I had done for other patients, he was ready for a makeover but was still a sceptic that I could really make a difference to HIS smile!

Sure enough, once Calvin and his dad saw the mock up of his new smile, their eyes grew wide and both said,”yes! let’s go for it!”

I took my time with Calvin’s makeover … he said it didn’t hurt at all but he was tired because he had to keep his mouth open and keep still for an hour!

Calvin smiles wide

But it was worth it! Calvin gasped when he saw the actual makeover .. and so did his dad.

It’s times like these that I am so, so glad I kept to my dream … to be a dentist

and give people beautiful smiles every day!

Thanks Calvin!!

Remember to visit Dentist Malaysia, OK, I have written a post on the Discussion Board about Makeovers and how it is done … and please remember to click the “I Like ” button!

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