And now was Nadiah’s turn

Nadiah before

Nadiah came in for her make over with her sister. She was usually away at college and since she  was on her semester break, she could finally make it for her makeover.

She had a rather large gap between her front teeth and one was a little chipped too. It didn’t help that she had a ready, wide grin and a happy personality … she was always smiling!!

I was itching to wave my magic wand over her. Nadiah was only too happy to let me do my magic whilst her sister looked on.

I started with a quick clean up, matched her tooth colour and then started. She asked if it was going to be painful …. everyone asks this, did you know, and of course I told her to relax and not worry! It took minutes and was totally painless!

Her sister disappeared for a bit to meet up with her father so Nadiah and I chatted away whilst I worked.

Nadiah now!

Soon she was ready for the mirror and her first sneak peak at the mirror.

Nadiah broke into a huge grin!

I gave her the usual ‘not to’s’ … not to eat stones, bones, metal rods, bottle caps and wood chips which made her laugh!

Smile away Nadiah! You have a beautiful smile!

Nadiah and her sister after the magic wand did it's job
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14 years ago

hi Dr. fauziah…

i bet i have the same problem as Nadiah…can u explain which method did u used to close the gap between the front teeth? and can i know how much is the budget?…

I’m still a student so i need to save more money before i can have an appointment with u….thank u in advance…:))