Salwa flies in from Qatar for her new smile

Salwa before

Salwa finally made it! She had been told about our makeovers by her colleague Aisyah who worked with her in Qatar about our makeovers. Salwa initially had an appointment on Monday but was rescheduled to a flight to Korea at the very last minute! Some quick calls to Malaysia shifted her appointment to this morning instead.

Salwa is a lovely lady, a flight attendant with MAS who is now attached to Qatar Airlines. She came in bright and early, all ready for her makeover.

She had considered having braces to correct her rather uneven teeth, but as she was flying across the globe all the time, her job made it almost impossible.

I told her it was fairly easy for her to get her beautiful smile today … yes, today and in about an hour!! She had a few days so we could even remove the tooth that was totally out of alignment and have her right as rain for her flight back to Doha, Qatar.

We started with me asking her exactly what she didn’t like about her smile…. we then took the ‘before’ photos and were ready to rock and roll with the magic wand!

Salwa smiling naturally now!

Salwa sat back and relaxed. She didn’t even ask the usual question ‘will it hurt’ … she said she had read this bog many, many times and Aisya had reassured her it was not going to be a problem at all.

So in a very short time Salwa was ready to see her new smile …

She loved it!

…and then it was time to take out the tooth in corner of her smile. Salwa hesitated for just a second, this time she asked if it would hurt. I smiled and said I was confident it was going to be a breeze!

I took out the tooth after giving her the necessary jab … once it was done, Salwa said, “That’s it??? It didn’t hurt a bit!” and laughed.

Yes, it was painless. That is my promise remember … the makeovers truly are painless and fast!

So it was done at last … Salwa finally got her beautiful smile at last!

Salwa smiling easily and wide during yesterday's review
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