Mas takes the plunge!

Mas before ... the gaps on the sides are not so obvious in this photo

Mas was today’s makeover … she came by accompanied by her sister, mother, niece and one year old daughter. She didn’t tell her mum that she was going to have a makeover though her husband, a seaman, knew … but he was still off shore. It was going to be a surprise!

I asked her how she found us. Mas said she had surfed the web, typing in “closing gaps” and found our blog. She had been reading the posts for some time.

The very tall Mas, has a rather large gap between her front teeth and smaller gaps on the sides. Mas was very conscious of the gaps and was relieved when I said they were really, really easy to do!

I told her that she’d walk out of the clinic today with a beautiful smile and yes, yes, it will not hurt!!

The side gaps can be seen from profile photos

She was concerned about the cost as she was a house wife … when I told her it would cost her RM800 she said, “OK! Lets’ do it!” … she thought it was going to be much more!

It was that moment when I realised that people actually didn’t know how much a makeover would cost them … even when I had answered questions openly in previous comments that a full composite veneer is RM250 and a half composite veneer is RM150.

I realised that it doesn’t mean anything to patients because patients don’t know when a full veneer is needed and when a half veneer was needed ….. duuhhh, how could I be so blind!

All smiles from Mas!

Like I said earlier, it isn’t “nice” to discuss cost in public, right?! But then, people need to know that it really does not cost a lot … not really! I mean, a majorly difficult case that involves several teeth in the upper jaw and lower jaw, probably costs less than RM2K!

But again it all depends on how many teeth need treatment, right!

Now, back to Mas …

It took less than 45 minutes! And as you can see, Mas is all smiles! I took the photos and she kept glancing in the magic mirror and laughed when she realised she was doing exactly what I tell everyone …. that they will have a temporary compulsion … a compulsion to keep looking into any available mirror to admire their new smile. 🙂

Now you see it, now you don't! What gaps? And it only cost her RM800 too!

Keep smiling, Mas! You look lovely!

I have the best job in the world, I do indeed!

Ah yes …. we now even give you the “before” and “after” photos as you leave the clinic … now isn’t that just too cool!!!

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