Zai and Johar are in for a surprise

It never ceases to amaze me that patients think the makeovers are expensive.

Zai came in yesterday with her husband. She was obviously nervous and excited but her husband was just very nervous! He came in to sit with her during the examination and discussion part though, he looked really scared! Zai however seemed more excited than afraid!! 😉

Zai before we started

I told her it was an easy makeover … really! … and said I probably will need to do three half veneers and one full composite veneer. When I gave her my quotation for the makeover and that it would take less than an hour, her eyes opened wide and she turned to smile at Johar, her husband. He nodded and then excused himself to sit in the waiting room with a nice cup of coffee and magazines to read …

As I worked on Zai she told me she was a teacher and had been reading the blog for a few weeks since her friend Siti told her about her own makeover. She had seen Siti at a schoolmate’s reunion and Siti’s new smile had inspired Zai to come in for a makeover!

True to my promise, Zai’s makeover was soon done …. I passed her the magic mirror and she took a deep breath before looking at her new smile. That’s when she broke into a huge smile!

Zai's stunning smile was created for only RM700 and not RM3K that she thought it would cost 😉

The best part came next … Zai told me that she had been waiting for this for a long time. She had saved up and had a budget of RM3K. This was because she had visited some dentists earlier and everyone told her it was going to cost thousands … her makeover had cost her only RM700!

Johar came in then and he broke into a grin when he saw Zai smiling. I told him that they now had more than enough to complete all the dental treatment for BOTH of them, husband and wife!

I usually don’t post the cost of the makeovers because every single makeover IS different. It all depends on how many full composite veneers or half composite veneers are necessary. It also isn’t ‘nice’ to post it, I thought.

But then after I did Mas’ makeover today (see my next post), I realise people think the makeovers are expensive when they really are not! They seldom cost more than RM2K for even the most difficult … and that is when I need to do top teeth AND bottom teeth.

So why am I posting the cost this time? Because I realise if I didn’t post it at least once, no one will believe that it is very affordable. You don’t need to ‘break the bank’ or ‘gadai harta’!! 😉 ….. so many people are stopped from taking the step to get even a quote because they think it is going to cost them a lot!

And it really does not hurt …. I promise!!

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13 years ago

Hi doc,

Ive been checking yr post every month starting last nov..Ive been curious and a lil bit of excited to go see u for an appointment but im so afraid of a dentist..

But,then i really want to look different ..and i really hope that u r the one for me to make it works…

i am looking forward to see u,hopefully before my anniversary tis coming March…..