Ita gets her dream smile

Sorting out the chipped and uneven teeth seemed like an impossible task for Ita

Ita was the last appointment today … it had been a busy day (it’s the school holidays!!) as we had an emergency surgery and a packed schedule to boot.

Ita started telling me what she wanted me to sort out…. there was wisdom teeth she wanted me to check and a ‘cut’ in her cheek and finally she said, what was most bothering her was the chip in her front tooth!She told me that she had fallen when she had been pushed over as a small child.

I smiled and told her that I’d take a look at everything! She really had nothing to worry about.

Her wisdom teeth weren’t a big issue, neither was the ulcer in her cheek … I was excited about sorting out the chipped tooth and making both her upper teeth and lowers look lovely and straight … boy was I excited … it was so easy!

We talked about composite veneers and how that would be the easiest treatment of all. I could have her smiling in less than an hour, but I wanted to do a mock-up first, so she’d be confident that I could really give her her dream smile … somehow with Ita, I felt it was important for her to really relax first, I knew she would once she knew what the end-result would be like.

When Ita saw the mocks, she was amazed! Wow … now she believed me! She could relax and let me wave my magic wand. Little did she know that the final polished veneers would look even nicer! 😉

A naturally beautiful smile for Ita

I really took my time, I admit. Ita was fun to talk to and we chatted about a lot of things whilst I worked and soon she was ready for the magic mirror.

Ta daah!!! Ita loved it! She laughed and said she couldn’t remember what she looked like before anymore.

That’s when I told her it was exactly why I always took ‘before’ photos. I said the end result needed to look as natural as possible so even Ita couldn’t see where I had ‘altered’ her teeth.

Next, I told her that she could go ahead and chew on anything she wanted … she promised to put it to the test tonight! I reminded her not to include stones, bones, wooden chips and metal in her diet, just in case, but the veneers were 100% guaranteed for at least 100 meals (ahm.. do I sound like an Ikea advert?) which means she has a whole month to do her worst.

So go for it, girl!

All that was left then was to print out her “before” and “after” photos for her to take home. This is new free service in the clinic as I felt patients would really appreciate their own copies to keep as a momento.

We said our goodbyes and Ita left promising not to smile crookedly anymore to hide the chipped tooth! Ita got her dream smile today … it was my privilege to create it for her!

I have the best job in the world.

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