Closing the Gap for Lina

Lina wanted the gap to disappear

Lina waited patiently with her housemate and University mate, Fareeza, for me to finish up a makeover for Annette that had traveled from Singapore for her own makeover. I was at least half an hour late and apologised for keeping them waiting.

They giggled when they came in and since both were equally nervous and couldn’t decide who was to go first, I let Fareeza pull out one of the treatment cards … she squealed when it was her own card 😉 She had to go first after all!!

All Fareeza needed was a scaling and polish …. though I could do a little tweaking on her smile to make them look straighter …. it was really Lina who wanted the makeover today.

It turned out that they were from Monash University, and had recently completed the Monash University Foundation Year. Wow! What luck! My son was considering starting MUFY to gain the required credits for entrance to do Dentistry, so it was perfect that he happened to be in the clinic and could ask them about the course.We chatted and laughed about studying whilst I worked on Lina.

I asked Lina how she came to know about the clinic. She said she had Googled  ‘closing the gap in teeth’ and found the blog and the Facebook Page Dentist Malaysia! Lina said she had written to me and after I replied, she made an appointment as soon as her exams had finished!

It’s always nice to meet up with the people who write in and I always am amazed that no matter how many times I say that the makeovers are painless and super fast, patients always ask …. sure enough Lina asked me if it was going to hurt too! 😉 I laughed.

A beautiful smile ... see ma, no gaps!
A beautiful smile ... See! No gaps!!

It didn’t take long before I was done. Sheena, my assistant, passed her the magic mirror. Lina giggled and said she was scared to look! Fareeza was laughing as she had watched the whole makeover process and was excited to see Lina’s reaction. She turned the mirror around and broke into a huge, huge smile!

She loved it!!

It was such fun to chat with the two young misses! I printed the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for Lina to take with her and said our goodbyes.

What a happy day!

I love my job!!

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