Denise gets her crowns and makeover whilst in transit to Tibet

Yes it’s true! Denise was in transit on her way to Tibet and China! Denise is Australian and no stranger to Malaysia. She and her friend Valerie had travelled several times to Malaysia as she loves our beautiful country and it’s warm and friendly people.

Denise crowns in place but before her makeoverDenise was referred to me by Mike Foong and Christina who run Saranggalloway Bed and Breakfast Vacation Home. Mike and Chris are old friends of mine who frequently send over their guests who want dental treatment as part of their holiday plans. “Why?” you may ask …. well it’s because dental treatment in Malaysia is really cheap compared to the prices the tourists have to pay in their home country!! I mean something like Zoom! Bleaching is AUS$2000 when it’s only RM1600 in Malaysia … that’s less than half the price for the same thing!

Denise was booked in for a 10 day adventure

traveling through China and into Tibet. She had emailed Mike saying she was planning to visit Malaysia again and he invited her and Valerie to join them on the trip. Wow!!Halfway done ... now to do her other side!

So a few weeks ago Mike calls up to make an appointment for Denise … she wanted to get some crowns done before the trip so she could eat the exotic food before she flew back to Perth. I told Mike that I needed a week for the crowns to be done between the first visit and the second visit, so since I was going to place temporary crowns before she left for Tibet, she could enjoy eating whatever she wanted whilst on holiday and the permanent crowns would be ready for her when she came back, just before her flight back to Perth!!

The whole procedure with the crowns went without a single hitch … Denise, Valerie and I chated about her holidays, life in Perth on a ‘hobby farm’, breeding Halflinger horses whilst I worked. Both Denise and Valerie are lovely ladies indeed.

Denise's brand new beautiful smile!!Once I had cemented Denise’s permanent crowns, I asked her if she’d like a makeover too. She said “Yes!! Do whatever you think I need … make me beautiful!” Ah!! Music to my ears … I mean doing her crowns was a no-brainer … but giving her a beautiful smile … now that was a challenge I love to take on! Yay!!

I told her she was in for a surprise … no injections, no pain, just magic!

And in less than an hour Denise was ready for the mirror again … this time to see the real transformation!

Tadaah!!!! She was all smiles! She could hardly believe her own reflection in the magic mirror!!

Then it was Valerie’s turn whilst Denise admired herself in the mirror.

Valerie didn’t need much to be done today. As they were both leaving for Perth later tonight, Valerie promised to come back to Malaysia soon for her bridge!

We hugged and exchanged email addresses … I now have two new Aussie pals and an open invitation to visit them in Perth, Australia. Thank you Mike and Chris for the introduction!

What a great job I have!!

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