A new smile for Mohamad

It’s been such a busy two weeks! I have been swamped with makeovers and find it hard to keep up with posting them in the blog! Today I promised myself I’d place a post, no matter how late my day ends … so let me tell you about Mohamad.

I was a little late today. Driving my son’s car to work was not easy (but that’s another story!) despite wrestling with a manual shift in the morning rush, I was looking forwards to starting my day with a great makeover, so when I finally arrived, I walked into the clinic with a spring in my step!

Mohamad before we started
Mohamed before we started

Mohamad is a very good looking young doctor who is pursuing his specialist degree in radiology. He was referred to us by his colleague who had done a makeover on himself, when Mohamad said he was considering having braces done to correct his own front teeth. His colleague told him to check out this blog and so Mohamad did and made the appointment.

After  chatting for a bit and getting to know what Mohamad didn’t like about his smile, I told Mohamad that though I could correct the tilted teeth with just veneers, he may want to consider crowns instead.

To help him make up his mind I did a mock-up with composite veneers. A mock-up is when I add the veneers on his teeth without any preparation, so I can flick off the veneers again as they don’t stick … they aren’t permanent yet … this would then let Mohamed get an idea about how it will look if he opted for veneers, you see. It is a truly amazing way that my patients get to actually get a feel and see if they’d like the end result!

The mock-up for Mohamed
Mohamad with the mock-ups

I mean just think  … imagine if you always wanted a narrower and longer nose and the cosmetic surgeon could actually do it for you so you could see and feel how it would be, before you actually have the operation! Wow!! Then if you don’t like it, you could choose something else .. isn’t that just so cool!

So that is exactly what we did! I did a mock-up and Mohamad got to see and feel how he would be after the makeover… he didn’t like that the teeth were still rather large so we opted to do crowns instead … I explained to him that crowns would allow me to narrow down his teeth more to make them ‘kemas’ (neater).

I worked whilst we chatted. It turned out that Mohamad was from Tawau and had travelled quite extensively. He had travelled to Kenya, Turkey and even worked in New Zealand for a year! What an adventurer!! I encouraged him to take up diving … I mean he is from Tawau, Sabah, the gateway to Sipadan Island, one of the 7 wonders of the diving world!!

Mohamad with the temporary crowns

I took my time but before long Mohamad was ready to leave with his temporary crowns cemented in place. I explained to him that the crowns would take one week to make, so meanwhile he would be fitted with temporary crowns so he could eat, get used to the new look and feel of his repositioned teeth, whilst the technicians get the permanent crowns ready.

He already looks good, don’t you agree? … you should see his face! He is quite handsome!!

I can hardly wait for next week when we fit the actual crowns!

Dr Mohamad, you are going to make your patients feel good just to see you smile!

I love my job!!

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