Syed Faisal closes the gap

We got a call early this week from Faisal asking for a late appointment to do a makeover. Ina, his girlfriend had told him all about the makeovers we do, as a colleague of hers had just had one done for herself … and had shown her the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

Now this was going to be a challenge to close!

When Faisal came in to the clinic, he was nervous. He wanted to close the gap in his front teeth but wasn’t sure whether we could do it. I told him not to worry … all he need do was relax and I’ll start with a good clean up first. Whilst I was doing his scaling and polishing, Ina came in and asked if I was going to be able to do all his fillings as she said he had been really looking forward to the makeover! I laughed and told her to get ready for a whole new Faisal!

As we worked Faisal sat very quietly. It was quite a challenge as the gap was pretty large … ah, but I had tackled a similar situation before so I knew I could do it! 😉

Ina and I talked about doing a makeover for her too. We didn’t have the time to do her makeover today as it was late. She said Faisal was going to do his first as he really had been wanting to do it for some time.

Look! No gap!!!

It took an hour to create Faisal’s new smile. At last he was ready for the magic mirror ….

Faisal took one look at his new smile and broke into a huge grin!

He said it felt strange as his lip felt different!! I reminded him that his lip and tongue was probably looking for that space that was no longer there, that’s why he felt strange. Faisal nodded whilst checking out his brand new smile closely in the mirror.

I told Faisal that we guarantee the veneers 100% so he could eat anything he wanted to try the new teeth out …  but I reminded him not to eat stones, metal and wood anyway!

I printed out Faisal’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and popped them into the Makeover Album. This is a newly added service we give as a complimentary gift from us to all our makeover patients!! You now get a your photos to take home with you. Ina was laughing when Faisal kept checking his smile in the mirror whilst I printed the photos out.

Ina and Faisal with the Makeover Album

Here is the happy pair. Ina and Faisal, who now smiles wide for the camera!

I have the best job in the world!

I get to create beautiful smiles every day!!

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13 years ago

how did you close his gap in one hour without braces. I am having braces put on which will take a long time. Wow this was good. I have smiled with my head up in over 5 years.

ina's friend
ina's friend
13 years ago

owh owh doctor..
see told u ,will bring more patients for u..
*wink wink..