Liza finally smiles

When I first met Liza it was because she had a sore tooth. She was in pain and her colleague told her to take the lift down to the dentist below. Liza works in the bank that houses the clinic in Menara EON Bank!!

After sorting out her sore tooth, I just had to tell her that I could very easily give her a smile where she could really grin wide.Liza always looked serious, you see, as she had developed a habit of speaking and smiling, without showing her teeth ….. she was very conscious of the rather large gap between her front teeth!

Liza before we started.

She came in really early for the appointment. Yes, Liza was excited and a little nervous. She had checked out the blog and saw other patients I had done makeovers for,  but she still wasn’t convinced I could do it! Yep, sure …. the photos of the before and after looked good …..but her, Liza? ……Nah, it just couldn’t be true! Little did she know it was real, I was going to give her the smile she wanted that very same day!

So we started … It was rather a challenge as I had to make the teeth look natural. I always take my time with especially large gaps, as it’s the end result, where Liza has to look like she always had the lovely smile she was going to walk out of the clinic with, which was most important to me.

And of course … it has to be painless!!!

Smiling naturally now she has her dream smile

Taking her ‘before’ pictures was difficult. I kept having to ask her to smile showing her teeth … it just wasn’t something she normally does … we had to re-take several shots until I finally got a picture!

I took about an hour with Liza. She was an angel! And when she was ready for the magic mirror … Liza had the biggest smile ever! She loved it!!

As I printed the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures for her to take home with her, I asked Liza to pose with the album so you will be able to see what I mean when I say you’ll get the actual photos to keep. She very kindly said ‘yes’.

Liza with her makeover album

So here is Liza … my star patient with her new smile!

Thank you Liza … so many people don’t believe this is possible. You will inspire others to give us a call and make the first step to get a smile they’ve always wanted.

I have the best job in the world … I am blessed to be able to create beautiful smiles every day!!

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