The last few days before Ramadhan

These have been busy days indeed. There was the usual rush for some Muslims that want to avoid treatment during the fasting month though many when asked agree that it was OK to have dental treatment even whilst they fasted!

We have been working flat out and I have many, many makeovers that I haven’t posted as yet. So please be patient and I will (I promise!!) post your makeovers in the next few days. Meanwhile, for those who I have yet to post the photos for you to share with your friends, enjoy looking at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos I gave you as you left the clinic in your Makeover Album!!

Fariz before the magic wand did it's stuff

Today I did the second part of the makeover for a young man who had been referred to me by his cousin who is a dentist! Fariz wasn’t happy with his smile as there was a gap and his teeth were tilted outwards.

Fariz told me that he was considering braces until his cousin told him to check out this blog. Wow! I don’t think I know his cousin personally, but obviously she did like my work.

Anyway, about two weeks ago Fariz came in and I worked on his upper teeth first …. I closed the gap and corrected the tilt on his left side after giving everything a good polish.

Today, Fariz came in for the final part … his only complaint was the left side was just a little high and needed some adjustment …. he said he was worried that he had to be careful when eating on that side.

I reassured him that it was easy-peasy and the whole idea of the makeover was to take away a concern (that his teeth were not straight) and it didn’t make sense to  replace it with another concern (that he had to be careful when he ate) ….

“No, no” … I said, ” The makeover should leave you being able to eat naturally, it’s like useable art! You’ve got to be able to eat like normal!!” It took just a few minutes to adjust the teeth so he could bite. 😉

Fariz' Aidil Fitri Smile

So then we continued with the lower teeth and very soon, Fariz was ready for the mirror again.

Tadaah!!! He loved it!!

What do you think? Don’t yo agree Fariz’ Raya Smile looks good?

Yep … I love my job!!

Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim friends and patients!!

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