See Ma no stains!

Amnah aka "arm strong" before

Last week I received an email  from someone who goes by the name of “arm strong”. The email asked about correcting a stain on a tooth which she said her previous dentist said could not be helped! She very conveniently attached to the email, some photos with the stained tooth prominently circled in black … so I wouldn’t miss it!!

I wrote back saying it was easy-peasy and “arm strong” made the appointment.

I saw her today, along with her friend who came along to boost her courage. Amnah (I finally got her name!) sat back when I saw her teeth, I actually recognised her from the stain!!

We had such a good laugh and joked whilst I did her makeover … which was easy -peasy just as I predicted. It turned out that she is a student at a local college and comes from Kelantan

Amnah's new smile ... see Ma, no stains!

Soon she had the magic mirror in her hands and was about to take her first look at her new smile … she burst into a giggle .. the stain was gone!

Now Amnah, smile wide and with confidence OK. You look goooood!

Guess which one is Amnah.
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arm strong
arm strong
13 years ago

hello doc..

so sorry late for comment dis entry..i br dapat peluang utk online..10x for everythings doc..i da tunjuk gigi kat kakak..dia pun berminat untk dapatkan rawatan disini..nanti bile dia free, she will call ure clinik to make an appointment..and oh ! my father cakap dia nak i habiskan rawatan utk gigi depan dulu before hari raya..teringat doc cakap gigi i ni untuk raya and my father was thinking same as u ! ^____________^ 10x alot again doc 🙂 enjoy ure pain rite 🙂

from me : armstrong hehe