Siti Najihah’s new grin

Siti Najihah before

During the staff meeting today the phone rang, it was Siti Najihah’s mum who asked us when her makeover pictures would be uploaded on the net.

My apologies … I had forgotten to bring back the list of my schedule that Saturday hence though I had the pictures … (on that day alone I did three makeovers!) I couldn’t remember who is who anymore … atleast I can’t match names with the photos.

Ahm … actually I have plenty of makeover pictures but I always wonder if people get fed up of seeing the pictures of teeth, teeth, teeth! My son says that if I ever lose my laptop (heaven forbid) the person who finds it will just know that I am a dentist … I have so many, many photos of smiles.

So what does Siti Najihah’s smile look like now?

Siti Najihah's beautiful smile now

After the magic wand had done it’s job … Siti Najihah now looks like this!

Doesn’t she look sweet!

Again, so sorry that this has come up late!

If you have been waiting for your photo to be uploaded too, please call Idayu at 03-26911334 to tell her to remind me!

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