Shy Zurairah’s promise

A few weeks ago I met Zurairah for the first time. She was indeed very shy and very serious. I asked her my usual question, “How did you get to know about the clinic?” and she said she had googled (don’t you just LOVE the internet!) for a dentist in Kuala Lumpur and our blog came up in the search. She looked through the posts and read the comments … then took the needed action to make an appointment!

Zurairah had some simple fillings done first as she was unsure whether she was ready to take the plunge and actually do her makeover …. she wasn’t just shy, she was scared of dentists too!

Zurairah's lovely new smile

We talked and I soon figured out her shyness and seriousness was because she had a not-too-nice looking denture replacing one of her front teeth.

She finally summoned up her courage to ask me what I could do for her. That’s when I told Zurairah that the only way was to make a bridge to replace the missing tooth once and for all. I told her that since she was a student reading Law, she just HAD to … she needed the confidence boost so she can be the sharp and confident lawyer she was destined to be.

I was ecstatic when she agreed! So last week, Zurairah let me give her the smile she always wanted. I had promised her that she would never regret her decision!

Today was the day Zurairah had her bridge fitted in. She came in smiling wide …. gone was the shy smile as I had fitted a beautiful temporary bridge for her to get used to when she came in last week. Zurairah was actually smiling wide now … and even before the permanent bridge was fitted!

In a very short time I had the permanent bridge fitted beautifully! Zurairah smiled even wider!! She even agreed to have her ‘After’ photo taken too …even though I didn’t take any ‘Before’ photos as she was so shy last week. I told her I wanted to post her story in the blog so it may inspire others.

Thank you Zurairah, I know it took a lot from you to trust me to give you your dream smile. I am humbled by that trust and I hope you will keep your promise to me … your promise to smile and not stop yourself from being that great lawyer you want to be!

Remember …no more hiding behind legal documents, OK! 😉

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