Marina’s makeover

Marina before

Marina had found us by googling ‘Makeover’ on the net! Yipee yay! I love it when I get patients who make an appointment after seeing the makeovers posted here.

When I first started this blog some years ago I wasn’t sure whether anyone would find it … let alone read it and be inspired by the real-life stories and before/after photos that I post. I always wondered if people would think the photos were doctored … nope, they’re not doctored or sourced from some other place …. they’re ‘raw’ photos taken by my iPhone by me! and uploaded onto my laptop.

Marina was one of the growing number of patients who read my blog … I was so happy to meet her!

Marina wanted the works, she wanted a bleaching first then the makeover … she said later she secretly felt I was going to say I couldn’t help her get a beautiful smile!Marina was quite comfortable though it doesn't look like it

We started with her Zoom! Whitening first. Marina was in luck! She didn’t know that we have a Promotion going on.

For the Zoom! Whitening until December 17 2010, patients get 1. a full scaling free (worth RM100), 2. the option of 4 15-minute cycles (that’s an added boost from the usual 3 cycles), 3. the Before and After photos in a specially designed Makeover Album (I don’t know of any other clinic that gives this), 4. a Brite Smile toothpaste that stops new stains from taking hold on her new whitened teeth (worth RM80 and only available in selected dentist’s offices) 5. and a gift voucher that she can give away to someone so they can get RM100 off their own Zoom! Whitening.

The Zoom! Whitening was done first as I would be matching the colour of her new whitened teeth for the Makeover portion. When I showed Marina the mirror after her whitening, she was already all smiles!

The Makeover was a challenge … Marina had a cross-bite and several tilted teeth to work on … but as I told her, I love the challenge!

Marina now!

At last we were done! It took a little longer than an hour as I had to get her able to chew normally…. there’s absolutely no sense in having a beautiful smile if Marina couldn’t use it for eating!

Her smile was a definite improvement. These photos really don’t do it justice as you can’t see the overall look

… Marina? Well, Marina was ecstatic as she finally had even looking teeth in just under 3 hours!

I was exhausted though … last night I slept for 7 straight hours!!

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