Vinia stops bugging her parents

The yellow toothed smile before

Vinia was a referral from an old friend. Her father had met me many months ago at a business function and asked my friend for the contact numbers as Vinia had been “bugging” him to make an appointment for her to see the dentist.

You see, Vinia is a sweet 16 and as any teenager that age (well anyone at any age for that matter) she was terribly self conscious of a discoloured tooth that marred a very pretty smile.

Vinia came in with both her parents and sister Natania (what lovely names!) for a consultation. After some discussion I got the green light to wave my magic wand!

Vinia’s tooth grew out with the yellow stain when she was 6… I explained to her mum that it probably was because the milk tooth it replaced was infected and so the pus from the infected milk tooth caused the growing permanent tooth to be discoloured!

I told Vinia to relax. The job was pretty easy and she’d finally have the sparkling smile she’s always wanted. It didn’t take long at all really.

As I finished I realised that her smile could do with a little more tweaking to be perfect, so as an added surprise for her parents, and with Vinia’s permission, I also corrected the tilted tooth next to the yellowed one. Yep, I am a perfectionist! I just couldn’t let her go home with something I could correct now could I? 😉

When it was time for Vinia’s first glance in the mirror, I handed it to her with flourish …. taa daah!!

Vinia's beautiful smile!

She was sooooo happy. And so were her parents! The first thing her mother said was, “Ah, Now you can stop bugging us about your front tooth!”

Yes, Vinia, now you can smile and smile and smile!

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