Shereen can’t stop smiling

Shereen at the start of her makeover

Shereen was referred to me by Evelyn, a business associate and friend. Shereen is an avid blogger and met Evelyn who blogs too …. blogging is such a fun past time for many of us, don’t you agree?

Shereen made the appointment for the works …  the whitening and then a makeover. I explained to her when she came in that I’ll be doing the Whitening first so I could match the colour for her new smile. She settled down and said she was a tad nervous!

The Whitening took about an hour an a half as I did her complimentary scaling and polishing first. It makes perfect sense to start off with a super clean set of teeth!

Immediately after the whitening

Shereen was amazing …. She said her teeth felt a little sensitive so I applied the ACP gel (it’s a special gel that re-mineralises the teeth instantly and we took a short break before the Makeover portion (I did a couple of patients whilst she rested and caught up with her smses in the waiting area).

When Shereen was ready we continued with her Makeover.

She needed to close gaps on both her upper and lower teeth. That wasn’t too difficult though I did a little more to make sure the teeth don’t look over large.

The Makeover itself was a breeze though we took a little longer as she just had her Whitening done.

Shereen's dazzling smile!

When it was time for Shereen to look into the magic mirror, I don’t know who was more excited, Shereen or I!

She loved it!! She soon texted Evelyn saying she can’t stop smiling.

Last week, I met Shereen a a business function, a BNI Visitor’s Day for the Ampang Chapter. Shereen was so smart and confidently smiling throughout the meeting. She told everyone at the table that she had done a makeover with me. That was so cool!

Thanks Shireen! I had many new enquiries that day … you were my walking, talking and mostly smiling testimony.

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8 years ago

hi doctors! 😉
may i know the total rm for the closing front gap treatment?
i have a small gap between my front teeth and im a student. i want to know the total cost of the treatment. tqvm

13 years ago

Thank you Dr. Fauziah!! U r my hero!!