Hydie gets her dream smile

Hydie still had gaps and a crooked tooth after her braces

Hydie found one of our Reminder Postcards in the mail for her uncle. It’s a quirky postcard that reminds patients to come in for their six-monthly check up which our patients come to expect from us as they’re usually to busy to track that they’re due in for that all to important mantainence visit.

She checked out the blog and made an appointment to see us to ask what we could do for the gaps she had. You see, she had already done her braces but there were still gaps and she had a tooth that was left still tilted.

Hydie actually expected just to come in and have her teeth examined, but when I told her that she’d be out of the clinic in 45 minutes with a beautiful smile and it was only going to cost her RM1200, she was flabbergasted!

“What! You mean each tooth was going to cost RM1200, don’t you?” I said, “Nope! The whole makeover is RM1200 and you’ll be out of here by 3:15. I promise!”

She smiled and said, “Wow! I thought it was a complicated procedure and I need to re-make the appointment and it was going to be really expensive.” I laughed and asked her as we prepared her for her makeover, ” Have you any other questions?” and sure enough she asked the final one …. “Is is going to be painful?”

“Nope! Pain is not part of the price! You got to pay an extra 20% for that!” We both laughed as we began the makeover.

Hydie 45 painless minutes later

The best part was when I gave her the mirror after the makeover was done …. she had the biggest smile. 🙂

I printed out her makeover “before” and “after” photos and placed them in the specially made Makeover Album we give to all our patients. It’s a great way to remember the joyous occasion … the Magic Moment when you get your dream smile is forever captured for you to keep.

I love my job …. I get to make people happy every day. I get to create beautiful smiles for people!!

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13 years ago

I done my makeover with Dr. Fauziah last year…many thanks to dr Fauziah…its really gain my confidence & i’m not embarrassed anymore to smile….

Junaida Jacobsen
Junaida Jacobsen
13 years ago

Hydie looks awesome – she has a pretty smile but you have made it beautiful! I am tempted to make an appointment with you when i return to KL next year. Great work, dr fauziah!

13 years ago

I am still amazed that the makeover took less than 1 hour!! I returned to the office after lunch hour with a brand new smile and couldnt stop grinning to my colleagues after that!

True enough Dr, no one really notices the difference, not even my bf as the teeth look au naturale. I’m too happy with my new smile to be upset anyway, so I’m perfectly okay with that 😀