A Miracle for Razid

Razid looked like an impossible case

Once in a while I get an opportunity to really create a miraculous smile. Razid was one of them. He came in a week or two ago for general fillings and asked me what he could do to improve his smile.

He is a very good looking young man who works at a government publishing firm but also is a singer. He was extremely self conscious about his smile and soon after asked me about all the options open to him.

Looking at the situation he presented, he had two front teeth that had grown in front of the others (probably due to his milk teeth not falling out until very late) and two upper teeth hidden behind them and two more hidden behind those! I told him braces was an option but he would need to remove 4 teeth and be on braces for a long time before the front teeth get pushed back and the others straightened out.

Poor Razid … he looked utterly dejected when I said this.

That was then that I looked again at his teeth and I began to see that it was possible to give him the smile he wanted much, much faster than with braces (It would take atleast 2 to 3 years to complete).

I took a deep breath and told him that I would take this case on and make it such that he would get the smile he wanted in just the first visit! I planned to make 2 bridges: one for his upper teeth and another for his lower, but I promised he would walk out of that first visit smiling in a way he has never ever thought he would.

Today was the day… I blocked out the entire afternoon as it was a challenging case! The whole Team was excited as we were about to create a miracle …. could we pull this one off? Could we create the smile for Razid in just one day?

It took a while but the results were just fantastic!

What a miraculous change indeed ... and in one visit too!

Razid couldn’t believe it …. in his first visit, he now had a natural looking smile. This was the perfect time as it was just before the festive season too!

He kissed my hand saying thank you which made me want to cry. … I thanked him for trusting in me and letting me create what I pictured I could deliver … his perfect smile!

Thank you Razid … you made me present again to what a joy it is to be able to change smiles … sometimes it looks like an impossible task … but with faith .. wow look at the results!!


Razid's first photo with him smiling WIDE!
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Aida Rahman
Aida Rahman
12 years ago

Hiii Doc…..
Just wants to ask U..for this kind of treatment of makeover what is the cost???Is it expensive…It’s for my 14th year old daughter.
Thank You.

13 years ago

Great job doc…

13 years ago

I’ve nothing to say. Dr. Fauziah saving my life and of course to make me believe of myself….now i got more confident to smile & do everything…thanks again…Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir & batin…. ~love 😉

Razlin Dawina
Razlin Dawina
13 years ago

OMG!! Awesome.. awesome.. I’m so excited (I dunno why) :p

13 years ago

OMG! Seriously you did an awesome job doc! *2 thumbs up*