Mardhiah’s beautiful makeover

Mardhiah had her upper teeth hidden behind her lower teeth

I did Mardhiah’s makeover some weeks ago but did not post the photos … so sorry Mardhiah! She came in last week with Hameiza, her school friend who used to work with us. Meiza had referred Mardhiah to us!

Mardhiah had a rather complicated problem. She had what we call an anterior cross bite as her front teeth were hidden behind her lower teeth. As a result her upper lip was rather flat which was something she was very self conscious of.

I told her that I could help her upper teeth look straight … that was a no brainer and really easy … but even though the teeth would remain where they were … her smile would look lovely.

I needed to straighten the fronts, bring the side ones forwards  and lengthen the canines a bit so everything would look just gorgeous. The key was to keep the smile looking natural and not like she was wearing dentures!

We chatted as I worked … Mardhiah had gone to school with Hamieza and had bumped into her one day at a reunion they had. That’s was when Hamieza told her to check out this blog. When Mardhiah saw the numerous makeovers we had done earlier, she made the appointment!

Mardhiah has no problem smiling now!

It wasn’t terribly difficult as Mardhiah was a model patient. She just sat back and relaxed whilst I waved my magic wand and got to work …

It wasn’t very long before she was ready for her first look at her new smile…. doesn’t she look great!

Both Hamieza and Mardhiah came in last week for a little adjustment to the makeover. Mardhiah told me her husband was amazed at the

The two pals ... Hamieza and Mardhiah

difference and she just can’t stop smiling!

Thank you Hamieza for referring Mardhiah to us. You both have beautiful smiles!

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