Mas gets ready for the holidays

Mas has a pretty smile but the gap was kind of obvious

Mas had a sore tooth and wanted me to have a second look as she had just done her filling a weeke earlier. I took a look at it and  told her that since it looked pretty deep I was going to replace the filling with a medicated filling until the holiday week was over.

I couldn’t help but ask her if she also wanted to close the gap in her front teeth … I mean she is a patient of mine and … duhhh, how can a patient of mine not have the opportunity to have a beautiful smile as well as healthy painless teeth, right!

She looked at me in amazement when I told her it was really easy and painless and it was just a 30 minute job … also it was only going to cost her RM300. (She only needed two half-veneers after all)

She said “Yes!” after a few seconds of hesitation! So go for it I did and waalah! just look at the beautiful smile (which was totally unexpected for her) that she left the clinic with.

Mas beautiful Aidil Fitri smile

Mas kept saying, “I don’t believe it! It’s like a dream!!”

Nope … it’s no dream, Mas … have a great holiday and keep smiling!!

Selamat Hari Raya!!

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