It’s holiday time!

It’s the Eid Mubarak holidays … or Aidil Fitri. Every year for the past 22 years (yes! 22 years … some of my patients weren’t even born, let alone a possiblilty, yet!) I take a week off to spend time with my family and friends for a well deserved break.

This time we’re not packing off to our usual favourite family destination Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi nor am I off diving … though I do so miss diving, my wetsuit is dryer than a dry suit!

This year we’re holing up in deserted KL and visiting family and friends.

I’ve planned to catch up with some writing, revisit my journal and use this week of nothing-to-do to read, read, read and reflect. It’s a lovely break from the normal routine!

I am ever so often asked, “What are you reading?” by my friends and colleagues … especially now I’m lounging at home. I guess this is kind of difficult to answer at first because I read so many books at the same time! (Yes, I am a dangerous person in Kinokuniya … I seldom leave the place without a book or two) I am also given plenty of books (at least one a month) by Jeevan Sahadevan, my amazing business actionCOACH.

So this week’s reading is this provocative and fascinating book, Drive by Daniel H. Pink and continuing the treasured business book, E-Myth Mastery by Michael J. Gerber, and to chill there’s Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol!

Yes … I’m on holiday! Don’t you just love this space of nothing-to-do? I certainly do!!

To all my Muslim friends and patients … Selamat Hari Raya!

See you on Friday 17 September!

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