Hadicha smiles with glee

Hadicha before

Some weeks ago Hadicha came into the clinic referred to me by her university mate. She is an exchange student from Adelaide who was doing a course here in UIA for 9 months. She wanted to do braces and was armed with xrays and documents from her Australian dentist.

I told Hadicha that we could not correct her smile in just 9 months with braces, nor could we place braces and have her continue her treatment in Australia, it just wasn’t possible! She was mightily disappointed and insistent that I do something as she was about to go back to her mother country in East Turkistan (her parents had migrated to Australia) to marry her sweetheart next year!

She is such a lovely girl and very insistent indeed! So reluctantly I told her that I could actually reposition her two front teeth, they had such a deep overbite so it would be difficult and would have to be through crowns …. she was ecstatic!

I wasn’t sure whether she’d like it, so I did a mock up for her so she’d get an idea about what I intended to do. Hadicha scrutinised her new smile and said, “But they look like they’re rabbit teeth!”

I explained that the front teeth were actually placed just over her lower teeth but because she was so used to her upper lip tucked into a space, she had to give herself some time to get used to the new look and feel. It would be a drastic change indeed …. even though she/herself/Hadicha wanted it!

Hadicha had a very tight study schedule that we needed to work around. So after some discussion, Hadicha said, “OK, Let’s do it! I really want my dream smile … I’ve been wanting this for so long.”

Finally, yesterday we completed Hadicha’s makeover …. I don’t know who was more nervous, Hadicha or I! I had grown to love Hadicha these past weeks … she’s such a beautiful person and such fun!

Hadicha is all smiles

As always, she brought a friend to accompany her, this time it was Animah, who is from Bosnia and also studying in UIA. Hadicha told Animah to stay where she was until we fitted the crowns! The clinic was full of laughter and chatter about studying abroad and their dreams and hopes for the future whilst I worked.

Finally I was done …..The crowns looked absolutely lovely (these photos don’t do it justice!) and Hadicha? ….. she was all smiles!

As we hugged our goodbye (for now … as Hadicha still needed some routine fillings) I was present to how fortunate I am … I get to spread happiness in my work and meet so many beautifully alive and wonderful people.

Hadicha, you are one amazing lady! I am so glad we met and now are friends. Smile girl at your wedding … you look gorgeous! 😉

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