Haslina gets her dream

Haslina before

Haslina surfed the net for a dentist to close the gaps in her front teeth. She had moved to Bahrain and was back in KL for a few months so wanted to get it done before she went back.

She’s such a cheery lady and warned me she was very nervous. She said the posts on the blog gave her the confidence to finally take the step to see me!

We did the initial examination and after I gave her the quote, she settled into the chair only to jump up again and ask,” It’s not going to be painful, is it?!!”

I laughed and quipped, ” Well the quote didn’t include pain so I guess I’d have to really work hard to give you pain if you want …. I’d have to charge an extra 20% for the pain.” We both laughed!

Haslina's side profile

As I worked I kept asking her if it was painful and if I had to charge extra … she just gave me a big smile and a thumbs up!

I wanted Haslina to have a feminine smile so I worked to not only close the gaps but also make some subtle changes in the shape of her teeth too so she’s had a new overall look to her wide grin.

Finally we finished up and Haslina took a deep, deep breath before looking into the mirror.

Haslina smiling from molar to molar!

She squealed with delight!

The changes looked natural and was totally invisible … she couldn’t tell where I had added at all!

She asked me whether it would last …. yes! as long as she doesn’t decide to go on a diet of stones, bones, metal and hard wood she’ll be fine I said.

As I printed out her ‘Before” and “After” photos to take home in her Makeover Album we talked about how the makeovers were life changing as our smile really was so important for self confidence.

I reminded her that there was a 100% guarantee on the makeover … that she was to eat as normal and that she had a whole month to break anything (it will take some doing!) … I’d do any repairs or adjustments for free in that time!

Haslina now

Haslina asked whether she had to wait a bit before eating, too. “Nope,” I told her, “Go ahead and eat as normal … it’s all ready immediately, there’s no wait time”

It’s so fulfilling this job of mine.

Every day I get to make people happy and they leave the clinics smiling!

I have the best job in the world! 😉

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13 years ago

dear doc,

Thanx a lot for the difference! You really made my day. My ‘bedmate’ pun suka tengok your art work. ‘Very impressive he said’. Without any pain, I gain a new look…..Really esctatic..

May Allah bless you always for giving happiness to others..You have a magic touch, dear…