Nabil spends his 12th birthday at the dentist

Nabil, Nadrah and their mum

Yes, yesterday was Nabil’s birthday! It was his 12th birthday and both he and his sister Nadrah came in with their mum for his bi-annual check-up, clean-up and Nadrah needed two loose teeth out! What a family!!

To top it Nabil who goes to a Chinese Medium school was in the middle of his UPSR exams, too.

His sister went first… cool as a cucumber, the little girl got her two loose teeth out whilst her brother pretended not to notice and played a game on his mother’s handphone. 😉

Just before he got on the chair for his turn, he looked and his mother and said,” I don’t need any teeth out do I? It’s just a check up?” To which his mother reassured him it was.

After a quick check, smiling I said, “Well do you want the good news first or the bad news?”

He shrugged and said,”None!”

I laughed and went ahead,” The bad news is you don’t have any more baby teeth so you won’t be having any teeth getting loose and the good news is you don’t have any baby teeth and they’re all great!! All you need is a clean-up!”

Nabil broke into a big grin! I love treating kids …. they’re just so much fun!

I asked Nadrah who her best friend was and why she liked her best friend. She said she liked her because her best friend was very helpful … so that led into a conversation where Nadrah may consider being a dentist where she too can help kids not be afraid of dental treatment and having great teeth!

Nabil and Nadrah … you both are awesome! Happy birthday Nabil and good luck for the rest of your exams!!

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