Czarina gets her smile again

Czarina before

Puan Sri Czarina is an old friend and neighbour. I have been carpooling with her to send my kids and hers to school for the past 8 years! Yes, every morning, when many are just getting out of bed at 6:15 am I roll over to her house to pick up her kids to send to school …. I run a Mum’s Taxi service!!

It’s something only a parent will do every weekday (and some Saturdays) for no pay. Ha! Ha! Parent have to unite!!

Anyways, Czarina is very, very scared of dentists … well at least professionally I mean. She makes sure her kids have their treatments but mostly avoids visits herself.

This time she relented because her mother was about to come over from the US for her annual visit to KL. Czarina didn’t want to hear her mum’s complaints about a darkened tooth.

Czarina is one absolutely gorgeous lady …. she already is beautiful and I was dying to give her the icing on the cake … a beautiful smile! So yesterday, after some persuasion, Czarina sat back and I waved the magic wand.

Czarina's beautiful smile

I kept reassuring her it was painless and that she’d love it. Sure enough, when she finally looked in the mirror, she did … she absolutely loved the new look!

Czarina, you rock! Smile girl and know you are just beautiful!

Your mother’s going to be so proud of you!

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