Eman Azman the Actor and Singer

Eman certainly could do with some magic

Eman Azman was referred to me by Adi Putra, a fellow actor and singer who is often seen in the local dramas on TV. They’re good buddies and have been both on stage and behind the camera lens together several times.

Eman made the appointment saying he wanted a makeover. He was fed up of not being able to smile for the cameras!

He had a tiny tooth growing between his front teeth which had caused a large gap and tilted teeth … that made everything a little tricky because I needed to deal with the extra tooth first before the makeover!

But Eman was just great! He really wanted a new smile and Adi Putra had reassured him I could deliver it!

It was a challenge I must say …  but I wasn’t going to let Eman or Adi down … I was determined to create a smile Eman could flash confidently during his next shoot.

Eman now has a hero's smile

When I passed the mirror to Eman, he was quiet for awhile … I joked, “If you don’t like it, I can give you back your old smile.”

He put down the mirror and broke into a huge grin …. “No, no! I love it!!” he said, and we both laughed.

Now Eman can get even juicier drama roles …. no more being the bad guy, Eman, you are hero potential now!

Eman insisted we take a photo before leaving with him smiling.

Eman and I .. this is his first photo smiling!

I love taking photos but just hate having my photo taken, especially after a long tiring day … I did 3 makeovers today!!

But Eman insisted … he wanted his first photo taken with him smiling, with me.

I love my job … I have the best job in the world! 😉

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