Rahayu is in for a surprise

Rahayu before the magic wand

Rahayu came into accompany her sister Rahiza who is visiting from Australia. They both have been patients of ours for some time now but Rahayu still was scared of dental treatment. Rahayu had heard that we did makeovers (she had done routine treatment only many years ago) and was curious as to what we could do for her.

Once her sister had completed her treatment. Rahayu took a deep, deep breath and sat down on the chair for her turn. She wanted to know if I could make her look good ….. boy, was she in for a surprise!

“It is really easy,” I told her, “and believe me it’s going to be absolutely painless!”

She still wasn’t convinced but closed her eyes tight as she nodded her go-ahead.

Very soon, as Rahiza watched the transformation with glee, she was ready for the mirror … “So was it painful at all?” I asked for good measure just before I handed her the mirror. She shook her head smiling.

“Now look at your new smile, all ready for your Open House tomorrow!” I said, and passed her the mirror.

Rahayu smiling WIDE now

She took the mirror from me and just before she glanced at it I saw her take a deep breath again …. that’s when she broke into a huge smile and laughed!

I think she looks absolutely gorgeous …. don’t you?

Thank you Rahiza … you helped to Rahayu get over her fear and just see what a beautiful smile she has now! 😉

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