Ibrahim gets rescued

Poor Ibrahim looked pretty bad

Ibrahim was in a motorbike accident. He was traveling to work on the Federal Highway when he rammed into another bike. Fortunately he did not sustain any broken bones but broke two front teeth and sprained his arm badly.

His family had been patients of ours for many years, so immediately after the accident, his dad, En. Mazlan, called up for emergency treatment for him.  Ibrahim came in together with his girlfriend, Dija, with his arm in a sling.

I told him that his middle tooth was fractured so badly that the root was almost exposed but the second incisor probably would survive. Nonetheless both teeth could be repaired immediately so he would be leaving the clinic looking less like a pirate!

Good as new!

I promised him it would be painless and he didn’t have to worry. Both Dija and Ibrahim relaxed as I worked on getting his teeth as good as new first, before doing the root canal treatment for his front tooth. And yes …. painless, it was!

It didn’t take too long either. I chatted with both of them about the accident. I told Ibrahim we’d need to keep an eye on the other tooth, but it had a fair chance of a full recovery. We just needed to make sure he could eat normally and let his body heal.

They left about two hours later … just after En. Mazlan called to ask if his son was OK!

A much happier Ibrahim and Dija

Yes, Ibrahim is fine now … I even printed him his ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos as people probably wont believe he fractured his teeth without the photo evidence!

Get well soon, Ibrahim… It’s nice to see you smile again!

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