Aminah, the student from Bosnia

The shy Animah had to be coaxed to smile

Aminah is Hadicha’s friend and fellow coursemate in UIA. She is from Bosnia … an extremely shy young lady who said little and had a shy smile to match.

Aminah had accompanied the vivacious Hadicha on her previous visit when I completed Hadicha’s makeover and this time it was her turn for her own makeover.

Hadicha sat with her to give her moral support (though she spent the time pouring over the fashion magazines whilst I worked …. I so love that girl!) and kept telling Aminah to relax, as her friend was rather nervous!

We talked about how lucky Malaysians are. We have such a peaceful country, most of us have never experienced the violence and destruction of living in a war-torn country. Aminah’s not so distant past was filled with bombs and shooting …  which is totally alien to us in Malaysia (Thank you God!) Most of us have never seen a gun, let alone heard a gunshot…. a gunshot on television doesn’t count!

Still with a shy smile but oh so different now!

When I was ready to pass the mirror to Animah, all of us held our breath … it always is an exciting moment when you look at yourself for the first time ….

Yes, Animah loved it! And Hadicha clapped her hands in glee!

Animah has transformed! Yay!!!

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