Emma’s new smile

Emma before

Emma and Sally had emailed me for an appointment some weeks ago. As luck would have it I only got to see Sally for a quick examination and diagnosis (and managed to show her what was possible in a mock-up) as we were pressed for time.

However, I did get to see Emma a few days later … she wanted some routine treatment and when I said I could make a huge difference to her smile in that same visit, she gave me the green light to go ahead!

The best part of being a dentist is I get to meet such interesting people … and Emma is one interesting English lass! She had lived in so many countries as her dad was a helicopter pilot for a oil and gas company.

We chatted whilst I worked and talked about learning to fly … I (naturally) encouraged her to take up scuba diving too … why not! We live in Kuala Lumpur which is the heart of AirAsia’s wonderful network to many, many dive destinations. Never before has dive travel been so affordable.

A beautiful smile for Emma

In a short time Emma was ready for the magic mirror …. She gasped when she saw the difference! And it’s just in time for a dinner party that night with her friends too!

Yes, Emma, you will be flashing your winning smile at your party for sure! 😉

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