Idayu’s Farewell BBQ

Mai, Amy and Idayu

Idayu, the Clinic Manager for the Menara EON Bank Branch was leaving to continue her studies. It was a sad, sad day on Friday as it was her last day in the clinic.

Idayu had worked with us for more than two years and is an extremely efficient and capable young lady. She had joined us immediately after finishing school and in a very short time was running the entire back-end workings for the branch clinic.

She managed my hectic schedule, made sure the patients are reminded of their appointments, printed and sent out the birthday cards and thank you cards (yes … it was Idayu that made sure you got your birthday greetings from us), managed the other support staff in the branch, churned out the statistic reports and handled all the panel-clinic communications …. she did all this with her gentle smile and she seldom ever (I can hardly remember a time) gets upset!

About to cut her cake with Dr Nurul and Lyn from the Taman Melawati branch

We threw her a farewell BBQ at my home and got her to cut a cake, wishing her all the best as she steps into a new future!

The girls from both Teams, the Taman Melawati branch and the Menara EON Bank branch, got to tell her how much she will be missed and how much she is loved, that night … we shed many tears.

Yes, my dear Idayu, you have been an integral part of the clinic Team … we will miss you very much indeed.

Good luck, and know this … you will always be part of our Team and never far from our thoughts!

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