Hairul the Teacher of Teachers

Hairul before

Hairul was back for his fillings and for me to sort out his discoloured teeth. I had seen him last month for routine treatment as he had a HUGE cavity which needed to be fixed first!

He came in yesterday for the rest of his treatment and I was excited to do a surprise makeover for this teacher.

I have always had the greatest respect for teachers … I believe they are the unsung heroes of our society … without them, the teachers of our childhood, we will not be where we are today.

My teachers (I went to school at St Mary’s Primary then St Mary’s Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur) were wonderfully patient souls … yes, I was quite a minx and got into all sorts of trouble!

I mean to illustrate my point, I recently went to a reunion for my secondary school and Mrs Rajendran, my headmistress, actually remembered my name when I stepped up to greet her! (Yikes!!! I left school some 30 years ago and she still remembers my name! She never even taught any of my classes!!) ;0

Ah, but I digress …

Hairul, is a teacher of teachers … he teaches newly graduated teachers to teach! Now, that is even a bigger hero/angel in my books … Imagine teaching someone the finer art of knowledge transfer! It isn’t enough to ‘know’ Form 3 Geography, as a teacher you’ve got to be able to transfer your knowledge to a class of mostly disinterested teenagers … ahm , as you can probably tell, Geography is not my favourite subject! 😉

Cikgu Hairul today

It was with great pleasure and flourish, I passed the magic mirror to Hairul. He took one look in the mirror and broke ito a huge smile!

Yes!!! I was so happy to see him happy!

Cikgu Hairul, you are a hero!

Thank you, all teachers everywhere … I think you are all amazing!

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